How to look good in video calls

Know the tips we have for you, if you want to give your best image in video calls.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t leave home, so using technology to
communicate has become essential, especially for the home office or to be in
touch with your family and friends.
In this sense, video calls are a very useful resource in these cases. Here are
some tips you can take into account to look good at your digital meetings:

  • Place the camera at eye level or above, because if you put it too low, it will make you look with more chin.

  • Make sure the light is right in front of you, so that your face and features are evenly illuminated. Standing against the light will only make you look like a dark silhouette.

  • Set your stage. Choose a room preferably with a clear or white background, clear and tidy. A trick is also to use the backgrounds of the application you use for video calls.

  • Keep your hygiene habits. Although staying home because of quarantine can tempt you to break with your personal hygiene routines, don’t! Take a daily shower and you just keep on your personal grooming. Remember, hygiene is also essential to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

  • Take care of your skin and keep it hydrated. Being very close to the camera of the computer or cell phone can bring out those imperfections or signs of age, which is better to take care of. Cicatricure (link to page TAYA) has a wide range of skin care products, have you already tried it?

  • Wear appropriate clothing. Choose neutral and unprinted garments. Dress completely, do not omit the bottom, even if the picture only comes out your top. In addition to feeling comfortable (a) at home, keep in mind that it is important to respect people who are on the other side of the camera and

    more if it is a business meeting.

  • Comb, take care of your hair. Going out with the old morning hair or scruffy hair can give the impression that you are being careless with your personal arrangement.

  • Test before the video call. Check how you appear in the frame and adjust the camera to the angle and lighting that most favor. Also exploring in advance how the app you use works will help you prevent mishaps.

    Another important aspect is also to have a good internet connection, to avoid

    interruptions or failures in the signal that affect communication.

    Take care and look your best.