Our reason for existing: Genomma Lab

We invite you to read our collaboration on the blog of the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores in which we reaffirm our commitment to sustainability.


Recently, the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV) invited us to participate in its blog "Hablemos de Bolsa", with the following note, which focuses on reaffirming the commitment we have to sustainability and how we integrate it day by day into our business model:


We live in challenging times; the health crisis has been a tangible example of the interconnection that exists between humanity and the environment that surrounds us. We are increasingly aware that the effects of climate change, water scarcity and the exploitation of natural resources, situations that we must mitigate to stop these ravages.


For this reason, within the framework of International Earth Day that is commemorated on April 22, we reaffirm that every action, we undertake in terms of sustainability is inspired by the urgent need to build a healthier environment for all people.


We want our purpose as a Company and the value of the products we offer, to be directly, related to better environmental performance, facing today's challenges, with clear and quantifiable goals.




A couple of years ago we began a transformation process to achieve sustained and sustainable growth, this process is based on our purpose of "Empower people to have amazing health and wellness" and on the corporate values ​​reflected in our Gen Book, the behavior guide that compiles the differentiators that make us unique.


The turning point that the company is experiencing has been a propitious moment to strengthen our commitment to sustainability and the environment, as a central element of corporate strategy.


The objective of this transformation is not only focused on increasing the profitability and strength of the company, it goes much further and its main objective is to enhance the positive contribution of Genomma Lab as a global citizen, considering all our stakeholders.




This commitment to sustainability permeates throughout the organization, promoted from the highest level by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rodrigo Herrera Aspra and the Managing Director, Jorge Brake, and all the members of top management.


All them, who share a genuine conviction on the importance of implementing actions to ensure not only the sustainability of Genomma Lab in the coming years, but also to increase its contribution to the effort to have a better world. 


To this end, during 2020 a Global Sustainability Committee was created, which is made up of key leaders from strategic areas, and through which the action plan has been drawn up to address priority material issues for the Company and our stakeholders in terms of sustainability.


We also developed a Sustainability Strategy with a view to 2025, a document that defines our goals in environmental and social matters, considering 10 priority areas of action in accordance with our business model.


In addition, our sustainability strategy aligned with compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN), which seek to respond to the most relevant sustainability challenges for the world.


The goals of our Sustainability Strategy are grouped into three categories:





Among the main ones, the commitment to have secondary cardboard packaging from certified forests, tertiary packaging 100% recycled and recyclable, as well as reducing the use of cardboard and virgin plastic in container and packaging by integrating at least 20% post-consumer recycled resin in our packaging.


In terms of water management, the goal is to treat 100% of the wastewater generated in the manufacturing operation. While in the case of the value chain, the objective is that 100% of global supply suppliers know and comply with the Corporate Code of Conduct and Ethics for suppliers.




Sustainability management is a constant path, which transferred to each decision we make and involves all the people who are part of our business model, which forces us to challenge ourselves continuously and continue working together to achieve a positive change for the common good.